Friday, December 31, 2010

Holly Starr - Tapestry


Artist: Holly Starr
Label:  Holly Starr Music
Release Date: October 19, 2010
Duration:  10 tracks, 37:12

A sophomore release is normally a very difficult challenge for a musician. Many have met their end or close to it when the second release does not meet or exceed its predecessor. This is certainly not the case with Tapestry, the sophomore release by Holly Starr. Starr is a CCM (contemporary Christian music) artist from Washington State who writes and performs pop rock with an emphasis on Christian praise.  Occasionally reminiscent of Rebecca St. James, Starr has something new and bright to offer.

Tapestry is a well produced, well written, well performed collection of songs heart felt and thought provoking in the simplest of ways. Easy for the widest of audiences to embrace. Among a host of offerings, three stand out as over the top in what they convey. “Undertow” tells the difficulty we all face leaving the secular world and its trappings behind for faith and a new beginning.   A rocker, “Surrender”, gives the message of being broken by our world and surrendering to Christ’s calling. “What Is Love” stays with the listener using reverb, synth, and echo on the refrain ‘What’s love’, successfully portraying the asking of this question over and over without answer.

Tapestry is a great offering - wonderful music and a huge leap for a sophomore release. Holly Starr is a trooper - she restlessly tours, creates great music, and shines for Christ. Yes, this Starr does shine brightly!

SS Mertens

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