Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who Is S.S. Mertens

Who Am I?

There may be three distinct eras in one’s life where each of us would ask the definitive question ‘Who am I?’. Initially in that difficult period of adolescence as we flail about, figuratively and literally, at life. Then again in mid-life, that period of crisis when youth is past and time goes past faster than ever before. The last may be as we are ‘relaxed’ into an older age-state, when we’ve let go of life’s disappointments and regrets.

Who am I? Scott Mertens:
· a Christian, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a friend
· interested in music, the outdoors, baseball, and fun
· having hobbies of sailing, x-country skiing, biking, art, and an assortment of minor interests
· raised to have an appreciation for ecology, art, fun, fairness, friendliness, and faith

A native of Wisconsin and son of an outdoorsman, I grew up spending much of my youth outdoors camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. I was blessed with a wonderful mother who could cook and bake like no other, a father who was the model of a mid-20th century man and a very loving sister. Having spent an adolescence in the late ‘60s / early ‘70s I sported long hair, bell bottom jeans and an old double breasted gray suit coat. My friends and I met in the local park dowtown which we called our home, walked barefoot in the rain, saw many bands of the era in concert, experienced hitch hiking across 20 states while it was still safe to do so, and generally lived the free life offered by the time period.

This period of ‘sideways’ growth gave way to romance and marriage culminating in the birth of my son during the ‘80s. While my son began his life mine continued through the 90’s with my parents passing on, a period of job loss and job change, friends and interests coming and going.

The 21st century ushered in change. Physical change as I reached 50 and began to slow. Emotional change as I became more liberal in my thoughts. Spiritual change as I grew in my Christian faith. These changes restarted growth after the mid-life doldrums by providing new direction!

New direction in the form of spiritual rebirth. The living light in one’s life that reclaims the joy of living fully and abundantly.

Also new direction in a focus of who I am, what has made me who I am, and the knowledge that in this last third of my life Earth my focus must be refined to make the most of each day.

Who Am I? I am a colorful blur of life’s eras and the experiences. A blur we all share, combing to create the rainbow of life. In this blog I hope to provide observances based on experiences and interests. Since they represent the fabric of my life, I share my lessons learned and views on our world, spiritual growth, and the interests I hold dear.

And why this blog? To share, to improve, to build community!