Friday, December 31, 2010

Mike Reeb - Breaking


Artist: Mike Reeb
Label: Midwest Analog Music
Release Date: November 19, 2010
Duration: 10 tracks, 28:53

Mike Reeb’s second CD Breaking is an acoustic folk rock album of mainly relationship based songs. Like some of the better candies of our time, there is a surprise in the middle!

Solid instrumentation is found throughout with heartfelt lyrics and well placed, well sung choruses. The title track, “Breaking” is an acoustic tribute to love lost, the majority of the album’s songs follow this lead. However, “What Are You Fighting For?” gives a different light. This is the hallmark of the album with a strong beat and posing a set of hard questions poised at our world’s fixation with war.

‘What are you livin’ for? You got all you need behind those doors. What are you dyin’ for? We ain’t got that long, that I’m sure. What are you fightin’ for? Some may say that it’s just war, but what are you fightin’ for?’“It’s Been A Real Hard Year” is another truthful tale of hardships in our country with unemployment, family issues, war, and a protest against a government sometimes blind to the people it represents.

Both “What Are You Waiting For?” and “It’s Been a Real Hard Year” stand head and shoulders above the rest with the message they provide. While the majority of songs are well written, country folk songs of relationship woes, Reeb’s true forte may be in edgier acoustic-based offerings drawing out his artistic soul.

SS Mertens

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