Friday, December 31, 2010


What's in a name? What's in a series of numbers? Meanings can run deep dependent on the action behind the name or number. As New Year's Eve came into focus over the last few weeks I've often thought about this relationship. Could 1/1/11 have something good in store or bad?

Following the terrorist attack on the United States on 9/11 I often wondered if the parties in back of this evil plot thought about the relationship between 9/11 and 911, our nation's accepted telephone number for reporting emergencies. If there is any credence to this thought, what is the next number they might use - 411, 511? No. This would be so far in our future that our means of communication should completely change by that time. That is if the human race is still functioning or God and his nature take over to start all things new due to man's spoiling His great gift.

So, what will happen on 1/1/11? A new evil plot? A new disaster? Or anything at all? Let's hope for a calm first day in a new year where we, as the human race, take a first step toward peace, love, and careful stewardship of this great gift of God's.

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